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PostSubject: (MMR) MODULAR MUSTANG RACING   Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:45 pm

Lets Welcome our newest sponsor. Check out their site at http://modularmustangracing.com/

Modular Mustang Racing was founded in 1993 and
began as a home style garage operation specializing in Mustang
parts installations. In an effort to become the fastest street car in
Southern California MMR was always pushing the limits of the streetable
Mustang, of course today we have surpassed many of our goals by being rated in
the TOP 10 by Hot Rod magazine in 2003 all the way to holding the record
for the fastest 5-speed mustang with an incredible 8.99@154 at Los
Angeles County Raceway in the summer of 2003 and being the worlds
quickest and fastest Modular Powered Mustang using stock suspension in
2004 with an incredible 8.07 at 176.8 MPH.

The owners quest for speed took him from the garage environment to prototyping
and installing Supercharger kits for PAXTON SUPERCHARGERS, later he was
hired by the Famous J.R. Granatelli to head up his sales and design
division where he remained for a few years. In an effort to broaden his
knowledge in the Mustang aftermarket field he took a job working for
Best Products/Pro-M where he learned about the amazing field off Mass
Air sensor technology. MMR was the first comapny in 2003 to turbocharge
an 03' Cobra for the owners at X2C Motorsports, the results were
astounding with 866rwhp on a completely stock engine equipped with a
FAST system and MMR's tuning ability. We didn't stop there, next was
build the fastest street style Modular powered vehicle, the new engine
would be a 5.4 DOHC derived from the Lincoln Navigator, the bigger cubic
inches and 92mm custom turbo kit built and designed by Mark were sure to
push this car into the record books again.

That it did! The MMR crew went on in 2004 to have the quickest and fastest

modular powered mustang in the country with an incredible 8.07 @ 176.8MPH!!

For the 2007-2008 Season MMR unleashed its newest breed of race car

powered by the most powerful modular engine

in the world, making over 2100 HP! The new car is based on the newest

05-07 Mustang factory chassis and right away MMR was setting records, to

date Team MMR has run 7.88@ 181 with the new Combo and is just scratching

the surface of its potential, stay tuned as the records continue to fall

in classic MMR fashion!

Our new facility, owned and operated by family, along with our excellent

staff and race team crew is located in Ventura CA, it is truly the finest Mustang Racing Service

center in Southern California, offering every spectrum of the aftermarket and custom late model Mustang performance
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Evan Almighty

PostSubject: Re: (MMR) MODULAR MUSTANG RACING   Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:22 pm

Welcome, you guys make some sick stuff!!!!!
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