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 JLP/LR Ford Shoot-out APRIL 21st sat all ford shoot out

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PostSubject: JLP/LR Ford Shoot-out APRIL 21st sat all ford shoot out    Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:08 pm

want to let everybody know That The JLP/LR Ford Shoot-out is a GO! . I got the Track Rented for April 21st! Saturday..
This is how we decided to handle The payment.I will need for those who are interested to please post here.and to contact the office @ 1 717 786 4670 So we can get you on the list..ALL payments must be made by pay-pal or check.No payments will be accepted after wed.april 18th via paypal or mailWe will be sending out tickets for you to give at the gate when you arrive.The gate will have a List of the names and ticket numbers to verify payment. I worked the pricing down as low as we can go for the day..here is how it breaks down..
If you are going to race with us the cost is $65.00 for ALL Day! Unlimited passes!.pre-paid ONLY.(however for those who show up at the gate with no ticket the price to race for the day will be $75.00)If your just going to come and Enjoy the day and spectate, the cost is $10. Sue will be offering a Nice lunch for those who want lunch for just $5.00..(limited to 150)you will receive a seperate ticket for the Lunch ..We will be having a local sub shop Cappriotis make the subs..They are the BEST! hands Down!.You will receive a small sub,a bag of chips,a soda or Tea,a huge portion of sues home made macaroni salad,a desert and i'm sure much much more! Once everybody has received their meals.Then everybody is welcome to come back for seconds if anything is left..This will be a Day of FUN and a Day of RACING!..For those who might have a GRUDGE race in mind just let me know and i will make an announcment and make it a Big Deal for Everybody to ENJOY! This Event will be intended to bring everybody together for a day of FUN.THATS IT!..I'm Very excited about this Event and we will be advertising this event every where we go...This should be a GREAT Day for Lightning Rodder and Everybody involved..Maybe we can have some Product's Donated for some Give aways as well? I'll be getting some Major companies on board to help..Stay Tuned and lets get our Calenders marked for the 21st! of April..
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JLP/LR Ford Shoot-out APRIL 21st sat all ford shoot out
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